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Q. What is i Agent Support?
A. i Agent Support provides services and resources for the new and experienced independent travel agent. Products include industry specific training, host agency services, travel research resources and marketing techniques specific to the travel and tourism industry.

Q. What is the advantage of becoming a member of i Agent Support?
A. As a member of i Agent Support you have the products and support necessary for success as an independent travel agent. Expert advice from experienced professionals will assist you. Products reviewed and either included or made available at discounted prices will ensure you have the resources necessary to satisfy your clients.

Q. What companies make their services available to i Agent Support members?
A. A complete list of products and the discounts available to i Agent Support members can be seen at www.iagentsupport.com/partners.html

Q. What does it cost to become a member of i Agent Support?
A. Prices and a list of included products can be seen at www.iagentsupport.com/join.html

Q. Can I work from home?
A. Yes! Many travel agencies employ Outside Sales Agents who work their own hours and create their own clientele. Independent travel sales contractors partner with a provider and receive commissions while operating their own travel sales business from their own home.

Q. Do I need to be certified to work in the travel industry?
A. While there is no "official" certification required to work in the travel industry some states do require you to purchase a 'Travel Sellers License." In addition, TravelCampus does offer certificates of completion. TravelCampus courses are based on Education Systems' material and are approved by ISTTE. Education Systems is an ASTA member. Upon successfully finishing the series of courses for any of the career tracks, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Q. I have been told I need an IATA or ARC number to sell travel. Is this true and how do I get one?
A. ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) and IATA (International Air Transport Association) are two organizations that control the flow of funds between suppliers, agencies and consumers. They issue numbers to qualified organizations which are then recognized by suppliers in order to issue tickets, sell products and earn commissions. You must meet certain requirements to obtain an ARC or IATA number. There are differing levels of participation, and there are other organizations which offer numbers, such as CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) and ARTA's TravelSellers program (Association of Retail Travel Agents) which will allow you to use the number to claim commissions. Again, you must meet the requirements of the issuing organization to obtain the number. The number "legitimizes" your business because the supplier knows you have met certain requirements. Signing up with a host agency, such as Solo Travel or World Travel Management, which are participants in i Agent Support, allow use of their ARC and/or IATA (or other) numbers in exchange for a commission split.

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